Popular Services

For general IT support - please only use this if there is no specific service for your issue or request. If you are a Cambrian community member, please ensure you are signed in with your Cambrian email on the top right of your screen.

The Print Shop team offers a complete range of printing, binding and laminating services with quick turnaround times and professional results. Use this service to start your print job.

General Fix Items - Misc Tighten this or that, Drill Hole in Desk or Wall, etc.

Use this service if you can login/access your account, but it is not functioning properly.

General computer support regarding currently installed software or applications.

Request IT equipment/peripherals/software. Please note that we cannot guarantee all requests will be approved.

A sanitizer, soap, toilet paper or paper towel needs to be refilled.

The room or hallway I am in is too cold.

Phishing is an attempt to get personal or sensitive information using social engineering over email. Spam is unsolicited advertisement.

Email/Office 365 password reset. This password grants you access to the on-site computers, Office365, your college email account, wi-fi, and printing at Cambrian College.

Assistance working remotely via VPN or VDI.

Report a non-urgent issue in a lab or classroom.

Request to have disinfectant wipes, spray, blue cloths brought to a classroom or lab.

Help with your student @mycambrian.ca email.

A light bulb is not working and needs to be replaced.

Door closer is broken or non-functioning.

Issues with connectivity at residence.

The room or hallway I am in is too hot.

Assistance with AppsAnywhere including access, Cloudpaging, and functionality.

Use this service to report network connectivity issues.

Please use this service to request IT assistance ahead of time before returning to campus

Have garbage removed from the classroom, lab, office or hallway you are in.