Personalized Student Email F.A.Q.


Q. What is this new email I am receiving from the College? 

A. When you register for classes, you receive a standardized, personalized college email that should follow this pattern:  

First character of the first name + up to first 7 characters of the last name + an optional number (to ensure no duplications) beginning at 1 +  

Example: Aaron Example,


There may be some minor variations on this pattern, but it will be based on your first and last name.  

This address will be visible in your Microsoft365 (M365) account profile for reference. 


Q. I thought I already had a email. What is the difference between the two? 

A. Your current is the account you use to log into Cambrian’s Microsoft365 resources found at such as Mail, OneDrive, Microsoft Office Online etc. 

You will continue to log into Microsoft365 using your existing, account (which acts as your username) and the password you have chosen. Once in Microsoft365, you can access your personalized email address. (example

Your personalized email is the official email address the College will use to send you various communications. It is also the email address you can use for matters relating to your studies at Cambrian, including interacting with faculty, staff, and organizations hosting you on placement/co-op or potential employers. As of January 23, the college will be sending official correspondence only to your personalized email address.


 Q. How do I access my new personalized email address? 

A. Check out this Knowledge Base article for step-by-step instructions on how to access your Microsoft365 resources for the first time. 


Q.  Can people still send email to my email? 

A.  The College will use your personalized email address. However, any email that does go to your address will be delivered to your personalized inbox.  


Q. Do I have to use my new email to receive updates from the College?   

A. Yes, as of January 23, 2023, any correspondence from the college (including from your faculty) will only be sent to your personalized email address.   


Q. I am a current student, who already has a preferred email. How does this affect me?  

A. When you registered for classes, you received your email address, but we gave you the option to use another account, like or as your preferred email. That won’t be the case as of January 23, 2023. All official College correspondence, including from your faculty, will be sent to your email address.  

  Until that time, you may still receive college and faculty correspondence from your existing preferred email account, after January 23, 2023 that will no longer be the case.  


Q. Does this also apply to Dual Credit, Continuing Education, Apprenticeship Training, Upgrading, and Trades Optional Co-op Program students?  

A. Yes. Any current Dual Credit, Continuing Education, Apprenticeship Training, Upgrading, and TOCP student who registered for classes in the 2022 fall semester has a personalized email address. As of January 23, 2023, it will be the only email the college will use to communicate with students. New students in these streams who register for courses in the 2023 winter semester will go through the same process.  


Q. I am a new student in 2023. How does this affect me?  

A. You will also receive a personalized email address when you register for classes in 2023.  That will be the email the College will use to send you updates, as of January 23, 2023.  


Q. Why are you doing this?  

A. There are a few advantages to this new system. By having a personalized, email created for you automatically, you will never miss updates from the College.  

The personalized email will also have the benefit of Cambrian’s extensive IT security measures, to reduce the risk of your email account being compromised.  

You will also enjoy the benefits of Microsoft365 including: 

  • Personalized Cambrian email address 

  • Web-based Office applications 

  • Downloadable Microsoft Office suite 

  • 5 TB of OneDrive online file storage 

Your personalized email is also professional-looking, which is a benefit when you are communicating with potential employers or organizations that can provide you with work-integrated-learning opportunities.  


Q. Can I use my personalized email address for other communications other than with Cambrian College?  

A. Consider using your personalized email exclusively for all academic and professional purposes related to the college, including corresponding with potential employers and organizations that offer work-integrated-learning opportunities. It is advisable not to use your account for social or recreational uses.   


Q. What about the emergency notification email addresses I registered with the college. Will you stop using those too?  

A. No, the email address you gave us to contact someone on your behalf in the event of an emergency will stay the same. There is no change to those unless you choose to do so and inform us.  


Q. How long does my personalized email address remain active?  

A. Your personalized email address remains active for as long as you are a student. It will also stay active after you leave the college as long as it is in use regularly. You will still have access to your address through Microsoft365. If you want the account to be discontinued after you graduate, you can contact IT. IT also reserves the right to shut down the account after one year of inactivity.  


Q. Is there a cost?  

A. No, there is no cost to you.   


Q. Where do I go if I want more information?  

A. If you are having technical issues, contact the IT Service Desk. They can be reached by phone (705-566-8101 ext. 7370, toll free: 1-800-461-7145 ext. 7370 in Ontario).   Or visit in person from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, in room 2165. 


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