Staff and Faculty Onboarding


Before you can sign into your email for the first time you must update your default password. To do so please follow the instructions below: 

  1. Navigate to: 

  1. Sign in with your full email address ( 


  1. And your default password which can be found in your hire letter. If you are a returning employee your password may still be set as the password from your last contract. If you are unable to get past this step, please give us a call us at 705-566-8101 x7370. 


  1. You will then be prompted to update your password 


To view our password complexity requirements please click HERE

  1. Once your password is successfully updated you can then sign into your email through:  

This password will also grant you access to Cambrian Wi-Fi, the computers on campus, printing on campus, the IT Service Desk ticket system (TDX), and Zoom


You can visit our TDX portal to request assistance and find knowledge-based articles from the Information Technology Department, Facilities Department and the Print Shop by clicking the link below, be sure to sign in with your college email and password: 

You can find tutorials on how to navigate the TDX Ticketing system by clicking Ticketing 101 Knowledge Base Articles


Your username to sign into the myCambrian/Moodle portal is your A00###### and your default password is your date of birth MMDDYY (just the last two digits of the year). Your myCambrian password and your email password are not connected so if you change one the other will remain unaffected.  

If you require a password reset to sign into the myCambrian portal, please request a password reset

If you can sign in but wish to change your password, please click THIS LINK.

If you would like to setup security questions to be able to reset your password without intervention from the IT Service Desk.


Use this portal to access your pays tubs and T4s as well as view your sick days and leave balances. 

If you require a password reset for your Employee Self-Serve account, please click the forgot password link under the Password box on the Welcome page. A password reset email will be sent to your personal email, be sure to check the junk folder. If you do not receive a password reset email, please reach out to the Human Resources department, they can be reached at 



The Innovation Hub is available to assist you with eGrades, Moodle, Zoom and Flex classroom training.  

You can visit their site at 

Or request assistance by emailing: 

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